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What Curveballs are You
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As smart conscientious people, we understand that health should be a priority. Regular exercise and eating well can make us healthier, happier, and more productive at both work and home. We may also have great intentions to do these things, yet life regularly throws us curveballs that can derail our best intentions. 

The curveballs in your life are the challenges, barriers, beliefs, myths, knowledge gaps, and tough situations you face each day. These include busy schedules, lack of energy, and the belief that change requires too much work for too little improvement.

These curveballs impede your progress towards the health, fitness, happiness and lifestyle you want.

This book helps you identify and understand your own curveballs, introduce you to the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance, and provide simple tools to hit it out of the park in all areas of life. 

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What Will You Get from This Book?

Learn to identify and hit the Curveballs in Your Life

Learn that the struggles we often face in health, fitness, and nutrition, often have little to do with health, fitness, or nutrition knowledge. Identify the changes in each of the 4 Pillars that will provide you with success in all areas of life.

The Importance of Mindset

Mindset is the filter through which you see the world. Learn about the Circle of Success or Distress, and how it contributes to everything you have in life right now. We will show you simple ways to upgrade your mindset so you can upgrade your results in life.

Healthy Habits for Success

One a healthy growth-oriented mindset is in place, your habits determine your actions and accomplishments on a daily basis. We review the essential habits everyone needs for success in health, happiness, work, and life

Movement for Life

The human body was meant to move, but in modern life, our bodies are sedentary for far too long. Additionally, when we do move (think fitness and workouts), we are often doing more harm than good. Learn to master the 7 Primal Movement Patterns, and understand the Movement Spectrum to improve your performance in fitness, sport, and life.

Fuel for Body, Mind, and Spirit

The food we eat is more than simply calories and sustenance. It becomes every cell of our body, while providing the energy for a vibrant life. Healthy eating involves WHAT you eat, HOW, WHEN, WHY, and with WHOM you eat. Learn to look at food and nutrition from a new, simple, and refreshing perspective.

About the Author

Tim Borys Former New York Yankees’ draft pick, thought leader and CEO of FRESH! Wellness, holds a BA in psychology, is a medical exercise specialist, holistic lifestyle coach, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and master educator. Tim believes life is a sport from which we are always learning. Known for his dynamic keynote speeches which aim to change personal and corporate environments, Tim thrives in Calgary with his wife and children. This is his first book. 

Tim earned his undergraduate degree in psychology at Simon Fraser University and attended SFU and University for Kinesiology.

What People Are Saying

Diana Richmond

Partner, RCMV LLP

"In a fast-paced high-stress career, having these tools at my disposal has been an incredible help in keeping me healthy, fit, and performing at my best.

Tim's coaching principles and the simple framework he provides, make it much easier to improve.

Michelle Cederberg

Speaker, Author, and Coach

"As I began to better understand the power of mindset, I felt motivated to keep reading so I could improve the habits that would help me be better in fitness, and with my work habits, my home life, and my overall success and happiness. You’ll read this book and you’ll want success too; it’s extremely powerful."

Start Improving Your 4 Pillars of Performance!

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